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Listen Now! is a new music store.

Watch us grow as we aim to fulfil all your music listening needs. Our passion for music started out by listening to the latest record purchases with our friends, all trying different artists and different styles and sharing our findings with each other. Every record was a new discovery.

Years of listening to vinyl, CD, SACD, DVD concerts and streaming have now brought us back full circle to vinyl again. And it is a great time to start collecting. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting music. We are still loading up our system and new products will be added all the time so please check our website, listennow.com.au, regularly. Whether it is vinyl or CD, the format is just the way the music is delivered and as we load up you will see plenty of vinyl, but we will never lose sight of the fact that it’s about the music and will stock the music in whatever is the format of the day. So, feel free to browse our diverse collection of music, much of it on vinyl, covering all genres, and if you see a title that is not in stock we will be only too happy to try to source it for you. And just in case you’re wondering when you will get time to enjoy all this music, take a tip from us and Listen Now!